Wednesday, June 29, 2016

San Mateo End of Year Celebration

The End of Year Celebration on June 17, 2016 was fun!

Everyone is being seated and waiting for the celebration to start!

First, xiao-zhang gave a speech on 'creativity'.

The wonderful emcees helped introduce each new segment.

All the students have lined up and are excited to sing their songs for the crowd.

Nido and Infant Community children joined the celebration as well!

Children's House children sang songs in Chinese, Japanese and English!

Elementary students also sang a few songs before giving their speeches on their chosen flowers.

Erdkinder students were up next!

The audience enjoyed speeches from all the advancing students.

Congratulations to all the students for completing another year at PRINTS! 
See you next school year!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Friday, June 10, 2016

End of Year Celebration, Friday, June 17 at 9:30 a.m. (San Mateo) and at 10 a.m. (Emeryville)

San Mateo Elementary: End of Year Lunch

The Elementary Community's End-of-Year Lunch took place on Friday, June 3! 
We invited parents to our classroom to enjoy a lunch we made and to view our presentations.

We are creating a rainforest display to go with our presentations.

We wrapped a pillar in our classroom with newspaper and painted it to look like a tree!

The chicken needs to be cut so we can place them on skewers!

We're making chicken, bell pepper and pineapple kebabs - yum!

All sorts of food needs to be cut in preparation for cooking!

We are preparing the desserts - we have to add coconut flakes and a grape on top of the coffee jelly.

The pineapple fried rice is all done - now we are scooping it into the serving 'bowls'.

I am setting the table!

Our guests are here! We are welcoming them to our classroom.

It's time to bring out the food! I am placing kebabs on the table.

We also served refreshments to go with the meal.

We hope you enjoyed your meal!

Parents also were able to enjoy student presentations about endangered animals, cities, and more!

It's dessert time! 

After dessert, we began to bus the tables.

After the meal, parents were able to take a closer look at our rainforest creation!

Children's House was excited to come in to view our work. They liked peering under the display to see the paper fish in the 'river'.

Clean up time! Now we have to wash all the used dishes.

Thank you for coming out to our End of Year Lunch! We hope you enjoyed your time.