Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Working on Halloween Projects in the Erdkinder/High School

October is always a fun month in the EK/high school classroom as the students get to work on their dramatis personae projects for Halloween. Not only do they do exhaustive research into their Halloween "character" who is typically an influential person from the historical period we are exploring, but they come to school on the morning of Halloween dressed as that person and ready to deliver a speech about that person to the school community.

After trips to the library, mini-conferences with the teacher, the turning in and refining of first, second and even third drafts, the students are now focusing on the "creative expression" portion of their work - getting their project boards ready and making their costumes. We are all excited to see and experience the finished result!

Researching and making notes
More research
Checking references
Pondering options and getting input from a classmate.
Launching into the project board!
Still compiling information.
Multiple resources - including library books.
Using projection technique for board titling style.
Beginning to commit to an artistic approach.
More reference checking for bibliography.
Re-working an earlier draft.
Translating key words and phrases for the dual language version of speech.

We've acquired a lot of material for the projects.
Work in progress.
Image selection and preparation to put on project board.