Friday, September 27, 2013

The Silent Journey and Discovery

On Friday, September 20th, PRINTS parents embarked upon The Silent Journey. In both Emeryville and San Mateo, parents silently discovered each classroom, then, later, were able to manipulate the same materials their children explore on a daily basis.

There were many highlights to the event. During the first portion, parents and staff moved silently throughout each environment of the school.

The Nido:

The Infant Community:

The Children's House:

The Elementary Community:

The Erdkinder Community:

During the second portion of The Silent Journey, Discovery, parents and staff were able to use materials they had only looked at before.

In the Nido:

 家長在學習塞球的工作。This parent is learning how to use the stopper ball.

 Parents discovering they can see one another.
Parents and guides discover the mobiles together.

In the Infant Community:
 A vocabulary lesson in Japanese.
 An artist expresses himself!
 The challenges are different for child and adult, but this parent is learning how his child masters the isolated difficulty of a dressing frame.
Laoshi gives a lesson to this mother on juicing.

In the Children's House:

 Sensei gives a lesson to this parent on adjective/noun agreement in Japanese.
 This parent is working with the movable hiragana.
 Lao-shi shows this parent a point of interest in the collective addition exercise.
 This parent has finished his work with the Constructive Triangles.
 Examining a set of Chinese vocabulary cards.
 Working with the Sound Cylinders.
 A Hiragana lesson from one guide to another.
An exploration of collective addition.

 An active reading activity.
 A movable Hiragana lesson.
 Practicing the thermic tablets.
 Learning the names of the Geometric Solids.
 An Addition Snake Game lesson.
Creating the Puzzle Map of Europe.

In the Elementary Community:

And in the Erdkinder:

Overall it was a whirlwind experience! Parents and guides shared thoughts and reflections on the day, as well as personal experiences and advice for the future.

Some parents said that the Silent Journey was: powerful, orderly, fun, exciting, warm, full of light, educational, eye-opening!

Thank you so much to all who participated! Be sure to comment on your experience here, or email us your thoughts at San Mateo or Emeryville.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

This week in the Erdkinder

This week in the Erdkinder, we were busy with all of our usual lessons like math, language arts, humanities and science. However, we are also getting close to the end of our study of Greece and our projects are really coming along.

 Working on European geography.
 Making a model of a Greek coffin!
 Using paper mache to begin making Greek theater masks

 A project board underway!
 Working on a powerpoint presentation about Greek daily life.
 Taking notes for our essays.
 Pre-writing is the most important stage.