Thursday, January 28, 2016

Peace Practices

We do our best to focus while we observe the lesson and prepare to work together.

Suzuki sensei can tell we are almost too excited to wait for class to begin!

Brandon sensei loves it when we play and learn at the same time.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Chinese New Year Grocery Shopping. 辦年貨!

We gathered together to learn the rules that we need to keep in mind for our outing. Everyone is super excited!

Many thanks to our parent volunteers who drove us to the supermarket. There are so many things in the market. We learned a lot of vocabulary!

Whenever we found something that we need, we marked it on our shopping list.

We lined up to check out. Saying "hello" and "thank you" to the cashier and counting change in Chinese are all new lessons for us.

We got almost all the materials we need for the Chinese New Year food making, and we also purchased something for ourselves. That was FUN!

A Day in the Life: Emeryville Children's House

I am learning about descriptive words in English. I have found descriptive words to match each object, and now I am reading them all out loud. I couldn't do this work before today, because some of the words use phonograms that I just learned this morning!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mochi Tsuki (Rice Cake Pounding) at Emeryville Campus

We had our annual Mochi Tsuki (rice cake pounding) on January 14th.
Mochi Tsuki is a part of new year celebration in Japan.
Children were very excited about the day.

I'm grinding sesame for a dipping sauce.
Parent volunteers are dumping the mochi rice into Usu (mortar).

Children of all the levels enjoyed pounding mochi.
We are rolling the mochi into small balls.
I'm pouring the sauce we made onto the mochi.
We are grateful for the parents and grandparents who helped us. Thank you!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Our West African Kuba Cloth Art Project Takes Shape

HS Students are surprised by the complexities of this art form

Kuba cloth is typically woven from raffia and features repeating geometric shapes, some of which are symbolic, but it is largely decorative. In the classroom we emulated the look of Kuba by using textile and paint. 
First the students were required to plan their approach using a miniature sketch of their project.
Repeating blocks of patterns are a key feature of Kuba.
Collectively, when paired in contrasting patterns, the effects can be striking.
Although the traditional palette for Kuba is based on earth and neutral tones, color can feature too!
Some students opted for borders; others for large blocks of contrasting shapes and colors.
We also worked on our regular lessons during this big project. Here our Chinese students are practicing English verbs.
We found that the hardest part was getting started. White textile is not forgiving of mistakes!
The overall effects came together quickly once we started putting color on our textile.
And - we continue to work on Spring Festival. Here we are collating scripts so people can start learning their parts!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Day in the Life: Gardening on the Emeryville Campus

We are getting our garden ready for Spring planting.
All this rain has produced a bumper crop of our least favorite weed, nettles.
We have to pull them all out before we can prepare the soil for our seedlings.

 The new growth of mint is beginning to poke up through the soil,
but all the old dry growth above it must be cut away. 

A Day in the Life - San Mateo Infant Community

 Where is the next hole for the sewing needle to go through?

 I can comb my hair by myself.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Working on Spring Festival Scripts

It's a Busy Time in the ErdKinder and High School Program

Now that Winter Break is behind us, we are diving into the next phase of our curriculum - West Africa. But we are also spending time getting ready for Spring Festival as it's coming up quickly! The HS students have been divided into small groups, each responsible for one of the three vignettes that the students will present.
Working on the Chinese vignette script based on a folk tale with some expert help from our two Chinese students!

Two students are working simultaneously on a vignette featuring an Ancient Egyptian legend

Working on getting materials ready for our West African cultural project

Art table is ready for some exciting work which will be displayed in the EC hallway soon!