Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Day in the Life: San Mateo Erdkinder at the Farm

This week at the farm, the EK students engaged in an incredibly creative project: filming scenes for a video about compost! The impetus for this project is both scientific, in that they have been learning about soil science and decomposition both on-site at school and at the farm, and also creative in that they will be entering their finished movie into a competition run by the online educational site The class has the chance to win computers and tablets for the Erdkinder, so they are very motivated to produce an excellent and amusing piece.
We were incredibly lucky with the weather; it started to rain JUST as we were finishing our last scene!
We hope that you enjoy these photos...

Building our flowerpot sets!

We will be showing the final result of our work before the holidays!

The EK class.

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