Friday, September 25, 2015

High School and ErdKinder Annual Fall Camping Trip to the Farm

The EK/HS class just spent four days camping at Green Oaks Creek Farm in beautiful Pescadero on the San Mateo Coast. Going to the farm is an integral part of the ErdKinder program, and although the work is very hard, it is very rewarding. 

Montessori believed that the best place for an adolescent to live during these formative years was on a farm, working alongside adults. Our relationship with the farmers at Green Oaks Creek makes it possible to give our students an authentic Montessori experience, developing their practical life skills and allowing them to problem-solve independently while living away from parents for a short time. The work this year was hot, dusty and tiring, but we also had LOTS of fun!

Our first job was to shop for basic food items to supplement the wonderful produce that we would be able to harvest right from the fields. 

At Safeway in Half Moon Bay. Everyone had to hunt down items from our shopping list.
Looking from our campsite to the farmhouse
Making breakfast - bacon is always a favorite
Helping prepare breakfast

Our tents. It was so windy, one almost blew away!
Evening meal together after a hard day's work
Happy, well-fed students
We pruned a lot of bushes in the ornamental garden
Trimming, weeding and pruning
Heading to the farmhouse in the morning to get our work duty for the day
Teachers work too! Weeding broccoli rows
Beautiful, fresh carrots for lunch - straight from the earth
The table is set for dinner
Typical dinner - vegetable pilaf with wilted rainbow chard
S'mores at the campfire on our last evening
On the way home - we stop for pizza in Pescadero

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