Monday, December 5, 2016

Erdkinder's Last Trip to the Farm for 2016

Green oaks Creek Farm, November 2016. 

We spent the day working in the ornamental garden, weeding and trimming. It's amazing how green and lush the farm is after the recent rains. All the shrubs and plants have suddenly grown so much!

We enjoyed our time at the farm. And on the way home, we stopped at Gazos Creek Beach off of Highway 1. It was a fresh and windy beach trip, but we were glad to enjoy our time together.

The jasmine has grown so much

Look how green the grass is!
Getting ready to weed the paths and patio.

Standing on the creek overlook

It's hard work, but we have fun!

Even the teachers go up to the tree house sometimes!

Overlooking the empty strawberry fields.

Showing our love for the farm.

Gathering our belongings and getting ready to leave.

Beauty at the beach

Skipping stones
So many birds at the beach

Discussing our beach findings.

The wind is getting up - it's almost time to leave.

Rock with a hole inspires artistic photo!

Creek empties into ocean.

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