Tuesday, March 15, 2016

We are Experimenting! Science Fair in the EK/HS Program

Our experiments are underway!

It's that time of year in the EK/HS. Everyone has chosen a testable question, developed a hypothesis and gathered materials. It's now time to start testing our question and observing results and gathering data. It's an exciting time to be in our environment....

Researching the project

Checking our initial materials

Careful checking of materials

Still researching the experiment

Beginning to build and getting help from a classmate

Measuring before constructing components

Checking planting material

Recording our experiments using an iPhone

Checking how it looks!


Our teacher needs to help

Measuring carefully

Sawing wood to construct an experiment

Checking measurements

Yes - science is FUN!

Starting to plant seeds

Building boxes for the experiment

Recording data

Keeping our work spaces neat is part of the job

Troubleshooting an issue

Checking what has been built to see if it will work

More research, work and problem-solving

Building the experiment

Now we wait....

Hummmmmm - something's not quite right

Testing the catapult

Experimenting is underway

Weighing plant pots to collect data

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