Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Day in the Life: Emeryville Children's House

我要嘗試用印章遊戲把這三個數字加起來!I want to see how these numbers add up!

看,我組了很多詞。Look at how much I wrote!

 我朋友的爸爸給我們帶來一些折紙作品,真是栩栩如生!My friend's dad brought in this beautiful origami!

 我組了“山口” “天山” “生日”等好多詞,現在我要找一下能不能組成我的名字!I'm learning how to compose my name in Chinese!

我要從“銀行"裏給張老師拿五千,讓我數一數:“一千” “二千” “三千”......
 I went to get my quantities from the "Bank," now I'm going to check how many I have: one thousand, two thousand...

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