Tuesday, October 22, 2013

This week in the Erdkinder

This week in the Erdkinder

We are moving quickly into wrapping up all of the harvest at the farm. The class spent the day harvesting carrots, beets and potatoes. It was remarkably hot out at the coast, but stunningly clear weather. The class commented on how they were harvesting produce that they weeded multiple times, allowing the crops to grow healthy. It was a great day.

 A bouquet of carrots!
 Harvesting beets
 Chris and Kevin driving the tractor. They turn over the rows so we can get at the potatoes easily.
 Harvesting potatoes---working right behind the tractor.
 Picking Sun Gold tomatoes for market. We ate so many that one of us got a stomach ache!

Back in the classroom, we have been learning about the Roman Empire. It has been a very interesting humanities unit and the class was impressed with the Romans' ingenuity and skill in building, architecture and problem-solving. These two pictures show the power of older students helping younger students with their work - one of the most important characteristics of a Montessori classroom.

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