Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Sun, the Water, and Our Friends

Water Play Day

During the summer is when the sun is shinning at its brightest. Since it's so nice and hot outside, we all enjoyed a nice day under the sun and felt the cold water splash against our heated skin. Today is the day that we all looked forward to all week. Luckily, it was the perfect day for this event as it was around 87 degrees!

As eager as we were to go outside, we had to apply sunscreen first. This ensures that our skin will stay young and healthy as we continue to grow up.

When we got outside, we set up an area on the playground to be the designated sunbathing area. Everyone needs their fair share of vitamin D! Perhaps we might even get a nice summer tan...

We want to make sure that we get an even amount of exposure, so after we tanned our fronts, we turned over to let our backs feel the warm sun rays. Some of us, who didn't want to tan as much, stayed in the shade.

It gets really hot under the blazing sun. We were ready to feel the freshness of the cold water. We were so excited to get wet, but wanted to stay dry as well. We better make up our minds...

Our goal was to stay as dry as possible while getting everyone else as wet as possible. We all screamed and laughed as we ran away from the water source and got our peers soaking wet.

Water play day is definitely one of our favorite days in the summer. It's not everyday that we can play with our friends and the cool water on a nice sunny summer day.

July 25, 2014 -- Children's House & Elementary, San Mateo

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