Thursday, August 7, 2014

All Natural Desserts for Everyone

The Community Popsicles

In order to compliment the hot summer days, the Elementary students make their own all natural popsicles. We take the fruits that we grow in the garden and turn them into a delicious icy dessert. This season, we have a lot of strawberries and oranges. We puréed the strawberries and juiced the oranges.
Next, we poured in the juices into the popsicle molds.

We made sure that the popsicle sticks were securely in and the mold was filled to the top before we put them into the freezer. They should be ready about 1-2 hours!

This is my first popsicle made by my upper-classmates. I must hold it with two hands so that I don't drop it!

After the first experience, I am now a professional popsicle eater. I can devour this delicious frozen good with only one hand! Mmmm, it's so good! ~Om nom nom nom~

 Although sharing is caring, of course we had to save some for ourselves! The satisfaction of eating something that we grew and prepared ourselves makes the popsicle taste even better! (Especially in this hot summer weather.) Better finish it before it melts away!

Nido & Elementary, San Mateo

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