Friday, August 8, 2014

Let's Park by the Coyotes!

What's the "Point"?

On this lovely Friday morning, the PRINTS students had an outing to the Coyote Point Park. We contacted parents to give us a ride to the park just a few miles away from our school. It is a treat for us to go to other play grounds that have other play structures and swings for us to explore. Both Children's House and Elementary joined together for this excursion. Let us show you how we have fun at the park! 

First, we sat along the bench as our teacher called our names to make sure we don't leave anyone behind. It'd be unfortunate if one of our classmates didn't get to go to the park with us.
We were then divided into different groups for the short car ride.
"Alright, let's line up with your chaperon."
All buckled up and ready to go! One day, I won't have to sit in a car seat..but for now, I'll just enjoy the view from up here.
I seem to be in a complex situation here. Here I am discovering how to explore the negative space in this structure.
Can you guess what kind of animal I'm sitting on? Because I can't see what it is from this angle.
Shhh! Don't tell anyone we're hiding here! There isn't much room left here.
"Oh, you found me! Guess I have to come out now..." 
How high can you swing? 
Not very...
The moment before the epic slide...

You may think that we all look very sad, but don't be mistaken; we had a lot of fun! 
(We just don't want to leave just yet...)

August 1, 2014 - Children's House & Elementary, San Mateo

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